Overcoming Presentation Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are a common phenomenon among those who give presentations. The idea of giving a presentation in front of a large audience is something that sends chills done the spine of students. There are many people who find it very hard to face the audience and speak in front of them. No matter how well prepared a student is for the presentation the elements of anxiety and stress are something that affect their overall performance. The disadvantage of anxiety during giving a presentation is that it can lead to forgetfulness. Even if a student is very well prepared about a particular topic the element of anxiety and nervousness make things worse for them and they forget what they have to speak. Presentation making is a difficult task because of the element of anxiety but it is not something that cannot be done and overcome. In this article we will explain how stress and anxiety can be controlled when giving a presentation in front of the class.

Preparing the Topic Well

In order to overcome stress a student needs to be very well prepared to give the presentation. A student should conduct research work on the topic and explore different concepts and ideas. If there are any questions student should note them down and try to find them on various sources. A student needs to gather sufficient information and clear all the concepts before presenting them in front of the audience. Being very well prepared is the key to giving a good presentation. How can a student explain different concepts to the audience if he does not know about it or he is confused? Therefore, it is very important to prepare the topic very well. Student needs to make sure that he knows everything about the topic so that he can face the audience with confidence.

Practice Make one Perfect

Another very important element for preparing presentations is practice. A student needs to practice presenting the topic in front of the mirror. He should practice appearing calm, composed and confident in front of the mirror. He should concentrate on maintaining an eye contact with the audience when giving the presentation instead of looking here and there. The more a student practices giving presentation in front of the mirror the better. Another effective way is to give the presentation in front of friends or family members before giving it in front of the audience. This way student can learn where he is making mistakes and rectify them immediately.